Cycling makes life Beautiful

Cycling on streets

Much like many other sports, cycling is both a mental and a physical workout. I’m riding my bike on Aachen streets and I feel relaxed when I can feel the breeze on my face. I ride to practice some metacognition, too. I think about how I feel and try to prevent one thing as I do:

Cycling on Street

Cycling on the street of Aachen thinking about life

The judging hammer

Judging something – anything, brings negative energy to your life. In other words, you harm yourself more than the person you judge.

It’s one of the reasons you might feel guarded about so much in life. You may notice judging someone yourself, and then unconsciously avoid doing the same thing. Those who do not judge have more openness to life and possibilities. The improvement in your thinking starts with being self-aware and not struggling to be right.

Like getting rid of any negative energy, it’s liberating.

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Bonus: Get rid of news and politics

Some of the best options of my life was when I stopped watching the news and the politics in general. They didn’t make me feel happy and in no way did I benefit from them. The news reporters aim to produce news from things people’ll feel like judging.

The news is popular because people can sense their righteousness that flows through them. They are time consuming and adversely impact your unconsciousness. Concentrate on positives.

Aachen Cycling

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