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One day when I was in front of my window, drinking coffee and thinking, I saw a plane passing by and I photographed it. It was an ordinary plane carrying ordinary passengers at the everyday thirty thousand feet. What made this plane special was that this time the plane stirred some of my thoughts and I felt the joys and upsets of these passengers and remembered my own.

I had been on that plane in both directions. I had been a passenger full of joy and hope, and I had been one with sorrow and apathy. I was traveling to my hometown, I was flying to a city where i felt alone. I was to reunite with my family, and i was to run to the frontlines of my future. And I wanted to share this picture with you.

Plane photography where to
Where to?

Who has a clear destination in life? Who knows what the next step is? Who can predict what tomorrow will bring?

We live in a chaotic world that’s getting evermore complex and intermingled. Nothing is local anymore. The things on the one side of the world may affect and is currently affecting everyone on the other side.

In our world, changes are abrupt. But in our world are also the possibilities infinite. In these times resilience is more important than ever and that is it that will help us survive in our modern world.

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